AI Workshops

Artificial intelligence is a fast emerging technology and every day seems to bring a new tool. It’s not just about ChatGPT though, there are many other tools available for teachers to use in their classes and to make preparation easier. We have been running workshops in Dar es Salaam in pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools and vocational colleges. Teachers, no matter how digital competent, have been inspired to use AI tools. Ask us for help to inspire your teachers and give them the confidence to use AI in their teaching.

Teacher Training

We have completed many teacher training projects in China and East Africa. Both these regions have a traditional teacher-centered approach to learning where knowledge is transferred passively. We train teachers to use a more western-style student-centered approach which sees the student learn by doing and working collaboratively.

We do this by exposing the teachers to a range of communicative classroom activities and encourage them to build them into their own classes.

Employability Skills Workshops

It’s not enough to get qualified. Getting a job is increasingly difficult in developing countries where competition for jobs is fierce.

There are ways in which youth can improve their chances of paid employment. We have worked with organisations in China and in Africa to help young people improve their employment chances.

Online Course Design

Our team has a huge amount of experience in designing and developing online courses on Moodle, Udemy. Talent LMS and Chinese social media sites.

We work with organisations who are looking to create their first online courses or want to improve their online offering. We help get the structure right, ensure the student is engaged throughout and that assessments and learning outcomes are realistic and achievable.

Multimedia workshop

On this workshop we work with training organisations to give them the skills they need to plan, shoot and then edit content to make online courses.

We use gimbals and digital SLRs, tripods and free editing software to make professional level online learning materials. It’s a really popular workshop over two days with participants using new digital equipment but also their own laptops and mobile phones.

LMS Instruction

We work with IT staff to give them the skills to create online assessments on the Moodle Learning Management System.

There are various assessments available from multiple-choice questions to essays, true/false and cloze passages.

Contact us (WhatsApp and tel) in the UK on (+44) 07725721819